There are amazing resources to support you as an expat mum, the problem is finding the right resources and support when you need it most.

I’ve taken the hard work out of the search, and I’ve curated resources from various experts specifically to support your journey with the Expat Mums Mastermind.

You’ve been living abroad for a while and you’re ready to take your expat life to a new level!

Maybe you gave up your career for this move and you have noticed that you no longer have a sense of direction or purpose?

Maybe your kids have started full time schooling and you’ve decided you want more each day than groceries and school commutes?

With this Mastermind group, we will work together to address some of the key issues that burden expat mums.

I understand how emotionally, and sometimes physically, consuming expat life can be. In many cases we have lost a sense of who we are, and without the normal levels of support around us this can become a roadblock in our lives.


It’s a really good way to think about what is really going on in your life, and through sharing and discussion with other mums, to take steps towards addressing what you are not happy with- whatever that may be- personal, professional, family, relationships etc. The weekly call puts you together with a small group of others that will keep you accountable to whatever goals (however small) you have set yourself. While group members may become friends over the course of the group, they play a different role than your friends. As women, we all talk to our friends about what we are going through which is great, but sometimes you need something more than that- the group gives you a forum to discuss what you are going through in a non-judgmental way, and focuses on potential solutions and encouragement. I can highly recommend the Mastermind group because it has helped me to see my life as something that I can actively work to improve by taking small steps every day in support of my goals. It has made me see issues affecting me as manageable, as something I can deal with, and by sharing my progress (or lack of!) with the group, it has given me a way to celebrate these wins also.

– Testimonial from an Expat Mum

What Can I Expect from the Expat Mum Mastermind Group?

The Expat Mum Mastermind Group is a small group of mums, just like you, ready to take their expat lives to the next level.

As a group, we will dive into six topics/themes that can be roadblocks for us as expat mums. From managing the reentry into the new school year, to thinking about our capacity and how we can achieve more. From the dual ‘life’ challenges, to how to live (and love) your expat life. We also look at what approach to take when you decide you want more – that might be part time work, volunteering or starting your own portable business. This Mastermind group is a deeper dive into these key issues.

I curate resources from experts, specific to the topics we cover. These are shared every second week, directly via WhatsApp allowing you to focus on what’s important to you. We connect each week on a virtual Coffee Call to discuss what the topic/theme means for each of us and what we want to focus on moving forward.

Because we spend two weeks on each topic, you have the time and space you need to try things differently and make little (and some bigger) changes to your mindset, emotional well being and in some cases the way you organise yourself and your family.

What does the Expat Mums Mastermind cost?

The 12 week intensive program limited to a maximum of 8 people. This support is all yours for a one time investment of only NZ$780! 

Perhaps you want the VIP One on One Support Service. Gain the support of the community, but add a weekly 30 minute one on one coaching call, providing you with additional support and guidance at a time when you need it most. With the VIP One on One Support Service you will have all the tools and resources to enable you to say goodbye to the overwhelm and take back control of your life. The group support with the VIP One on One Support Service is all yours for NZ$2,580.

Numbers in the Mastermind group are strictly limited, if you are ready to take your expat life to the next level in 2020, join now!

A talk, once a week to check in with your goals and get feedback on how you are doing and how to take little steps forward. You get clarity on topics you are stuck with and create accountability.

Testimonial from an Expat Mum
Check out this short video I’ve made that provides an overview of the Expat Mums Mastermind.