There are amazing resources to support you as an expat mum, the problem is finding the right resources and support when you need it most. I’ve taken the hard work out of the search, and I’ve curated resources from various experts specifically to help you.

I am a coach for mums just like you. I have lived abroad for over 20 years and both my daughters were born in India. My career was in Human Resources and with Expat Parenting Abroad, I am combining my professional and personal experience to support you through these uncertain times.

I am passionate about supporting you to be the best version of yourself, living the life you want. 

Discover Your Dreams & Create Your New Life

The time is now for you to create your new life.

Too long you have allowed your dreams and aspirations to fade away. Too long you have put the needs of everyone else first.

There will never be a perfect time to create change in your life, so stop thinking about what could be and take action now

Individual Coaching

Coaching helps people improve their personal and professional lives. Whether they want to strengthen their relationship with others, move their career forward, or simply have more peace in their lives, a coach can help set, understand, and meet those goals.

Find out more about we can work together to customise the coaching programme that is perfect for you.

4 Steps to Regain Calm and Control During Times of Uncertainty

Have you been giving all your time and energy to everyone else?

Do you want to start focusing on yourself again?

Discover the simple steps you can take now to turn around the overwhelm and uncertainty of the current times and create a plan to regain calm and control of your family life.