I have lived abroad for 20 years! With Expat Parenting Abroad I combine my professional with my personal experience to support you by saving you time and energy.

There are amazing resources available to support expat parents, the problem is finding the right resources to help you when you need it most. I’ve taken the hard work out of the search, and I’ve curated resources from various experts specifically to help you.

I offer group support with the Support Group for Mums Abroad (designed for those who are new to parenting in a foreign environment), and the Expat Mums Mastermind (designed for expat mums who are ready to take their international life to the next level). I also offer individual support through One to One Coaching.

Whether you are new to expat life, or you have been living abroad for a while, I have a support option that is right for you.

I invite you to scroll down to discover more about the support I offer.


Parenting is hard enough, to do it in a foreign environment is sometimes just overwhelming.

The good news is, there are amazing resources available that can help you! With this support group I curate the resources for you and package them into a weekly theme that we discuss on a 30 minute virtual coffee call.

All managed through WhatsApp saving you time and energy. Find out more now.


You’ve been living abroad for a while and you’re ready to take your expat life to a new level!

Join the Expat Mums Mastermind and together we will take a deeper dive into some of the key issues that burden expat mums.

I curate resources from various experts especially to support you, which we then discuss each week on a 30 minute virtual coffee call. All delivered directly to you via WhatsApp helping you to stay focused on what’s important to you. Find out more now.


Whether you are new to expat life, or you have been living abroad for a while, there will be moments when you could use a little extra support.

I offer four unique coaching packages focused on different aspects of moving abroad. You may be interested in only one, or a combination. I invite you to contact me and discuss how coaching can support you.