I am often asked the same question… what makes you a good coach?

My professional career before having our daughters was in Human Resources, where a significant part of my role was coaching managers to become better coaches themselves. In addition, due to the nature of HR, I ended up doing a lot of career coaching. Helping managers and team members identify what they wanted from their career and where to take their career next.

In Delhi, I undertook more training to become a Senior Action Learning Coach for WIAL, and I won Coach of the Year in 2015 (a global award) for the work I did with STOP a Delhi based NGO. Parallel to this, I did a lot of executive coaching and organisational consulting, supporting organisations through change processes.

While in Delhi I volunteered with Delhi Network an expat support network, and was Vice President alongside the amazing Hazel! I also lead Delhi Tots, a playgroup for mums with under 5s, which I developed to become a broader support group rather than only offering playgroups.

My husband was subsequently moved to Chongqing, China and I developed the Parent Organisation at the International School. A key part of this was launching the Check Out Chongqing annual event, a showcase with vendors from all aspects of CQ life. Not long after arriving in Chongqing, I also started CQ Explorers, a support and activity group for expat mums in Chongqing.

In Taipei, I served on the school council and I invested a lot of time supporting other parents, both social connections and through my business.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, but I want to demonstrate the years of experience I have doing what I am doing now in the capacity of Expat Parenting Abroad.

I have taken all the issues that the mums discuss with me, all the topics that people unload at the school gate, all the experiences I’ve had moving cities and countries, and I have developed these topics support options to help you.

Yes I have professional coaching experience, but more importantly, I am an expat mum and I have been providing this support to other mums for a long time.

But the biggest why? Why do I want to coach you? Because I am passionate about improving the lives of expat mums. When I started my research for this business, I asked ex colleagues and friends what do they see as my key strength? The common theme, when people bring a problem or a concern to me, I provide clarity and I always find a path to move forward.

So, what now? Connect with me. Let’s set up a time to talk about you to see what support you need, and whether I am the right person to support you.