When Your Move Impacts Your Child

Recently, via social media, I met Marielle. We started ‘chatting’ online and quickly decided we had more to talk about, so we scheduled a call. Over an hour later, my face was hurting from laughing so much, we had so much to share.

Marielle has previously worked in schools, and she is a teen coach, her business is Keeping it Real Me.

On the first call, we talked a lot about our most recent moves and discovered that we had something in common. Both of us had noticed the recent move had impacted on our child. Discussing in more detail, we shared a very similar experience and learnings, despite the age differences of our kids.

We also felt that we probably weren’t the only expat parents in this situation, and maybe we should find a way to share our experience and our learnings.

From these initial conversations, the concept of our webinar was born. I am so excited to be collaborating with Marielle on this project, we feel this is something that is important to many expats, whether moving for the first time, or having moved a number of times. What do we do when it doesn’t all go well?

If you feel this is something you are interested in, I invite you to join us as we share our learnings and offer advice on how you can manage a similar situation.

Because we live in different regions, we have two time slots available for the live webinar, when you register you are able to select the time which suits you best.

We look forward to sharing our learnings with you!

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