What’s the definition of confusion?

International Day was such a success at school, but wow did it cause some emotional conflict for our daughters. Well, more specifically Miss J, as Madam S seems to be at a stage where she just agrees with everything Miss J says.

Firstly, as soon as Miss J heard International Day was coming up, she decided she wanted to go as an Australian. In my head I’m racing, what! Where is this coming from, she has always worn traditional Indian dress for anything ‘international’, as that was where she was born and spent the first 5 years of her life.

Yes, Australia is her passport country. But she has never lived there, I haven’t lived in Australia for 20 years! Of course it’s free choice for the girls, I start with “So if you go with Australia, what do you think you might like to wear?” she looks at me, “well what’s the traditional dress?” Ummmm… you see where this is going. Swagman? Bushranger? Rugby? None of it’s particularly appealing or relevant to her.

So I go back “well, you have options sweetheart. You were born in India, you have an Australian passport, you also have citizenship for New Zealand, but let’s not forget you also lived in China. So you can choose any of these countries.”

We actually used to joke about Miss J – she’s the product of Australia and New Zealand, made in Hong Kong and produced in India!

So at this point Miss J is not sure. I think mainly because I couldn’t come back fast enough with what an Australian looks like? “Well I can’t wear my old Indian outfit, it’s too small!” I look at her, “you’re right it is, but we have time. We could ask for something to be posted to us. But I also have an Indian friend here, she might know where I could get something. Do you want me to look into it for you?”

“Yes, I want to go in Indian dress again this year, but I want to go as an Australian next year.” Right, so a few calls later I have my hands on two Indian outfits handed down from my dear friend here in Taipei. And they fit perfectly! And the girls looked gorgeous.

Then I proceeded to bake for the Australian table!

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