Turning 7!

On Friday we celebrated Madam S turning 7! I still can’t believe my baby is 7, but I get the sense that’s the same for all us mums as our youngest grow up.

The preparations weren’t necessarily stressful, but it’s easy to underestimate how long things can take, especially when living in Asia. The grocery shopping alone took almost a whole day, I had to go to five different shops to get all the ingredients I needed just to make the cake.

For our girls, the cake is one of the most important aspects of their birthday celebration. They spend a lot of time choosing which cake they want and then it’s up to me to try and recreate the desired dream cake.

For Madam S this year it was a castle cake, and while it wasn’t exactly the same as the picture, I am pleased to say it was very close! Hubby was off that day and he wanted to help… he started talking about architectural features of the castle and completely lost me! It was a great team effort this year 🙂

So why is cake important to our girls? Aside from the fact they have a sweet tooth and love cake! I asked Madam S after her birthday, what was the best part of her day? She thought for a moment, “sharing my cake with my family and friends”.

Over the past six months, she has really impressed me with her considered and rather mature approach to life. And this was no exception. “Yes darling, I think that is a wonderful way to cherish your birthday memory”.

Is it because they are TCK’s that sharing with family and friends is so important to them? Is it because they’re girls that they think about life that way? Or is it a reflection of our own family values? In all honesty, I think it’s probably a combination of all of these aspects and probably a lot more that I’m not thinking about right now.

But wow! Aren’t we lucky to be raising girls with such beautiful hearts!

What do your kids cherish about their birthday? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

FYI – I am often asked what recipe I use, and I use the same cake recipe (linked here) for all cakes, cup cakes etc. It’s super easy, almost foolproof and you don’t have to know anything about baking to make a great cake. I use it in two small tins, one large tin, or as cup cakes. And it can be cut and shaped easily as it’s not too crumbly either. For icing I combine a 2:1 ratio of icing sugar to soft butter.

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