The Importance of Sisterhood

“I was reminded today of the importance of our sisterhood!”

This was a message I received from a dear friend recently after she had an incident with one of her kids. It really got me thinking about life as an expat mum. We often feel lonely and isolated because we’re so far from our normal family support. But in reality, we’re not alone, we create our new expat ‘family’ wherever we are.

Of course, I had to be a bit nerdy and look it up… Sisterhood is defined as the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences or concerns (Mirriam Webster Dictionary).

The old mentality that it takes a village to raise a child, as an expat that village is gone. So we go out there and we create our own village, often without even realising what we are doing. Through our shared ups and downs of expat life, we create our village through the sisterhood.

When I got this message from my friend, we had only known each other nine months, but already we have been through so much together! As is so often with expat friends, you we skipped the niceties of getting to know each other and jumped straight into support. From illnesses within the family, to sourcing something special for a birthday, we are there for each other.

So what’s my key learning? You need to be a sister to have sisterhood! If I reflect on the relationships I have made, even when we subsequently move on, these women are my sisterhood, and they are now scattered across the globe!

Have you found your sisterhood? Please do take the time to share your thoughts in the comments.

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