The importance of family

We have been fortunate enough to have my parents visiting us for the past week. They came to celebrate mum’s birthday, but they also had the opportunity to see Miss J and Madam S perform in the school choir (twice) and Madam S had a dance performance as well!

It was such a privilege to share our new home with them, Taipei is a wonderful city with so much diversity, they were not disappointed. Farewelling them yesterday was sad, as it always is when you say goodbye. But the strongest emotion I feel right now is gratitude. I’m grateful that we were able to bring them up here. I’m grateful that they saw the girls perform. I’m grateful we had such lovely weather. You get my drift.

More importantly I’m grateful for the wonderful relationship that we have. We have always been a close family, but this past week has been a good reminder of how lovely it is when you are close with family. We share a laugh easily, we enjoy companionable silence (on the rare occasion mum stops talking!), we have fantastic conversations and share a love of food and wine!

I think expat life has given me a deeper appreciation of our time together, and I cherish the simple things more often. So, today I want to dedicate my post to my parents, I want to thank them for love and support they have always given me. I love you guys x

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