That talk…

Have you had the sex talk with your kids yet? My sister in law has just had a baby girl, she was pregnant over the summer while we were visiting. This raised a whole lot of questions, so we decided the time was right to explain it all to the girls (6 and 8 years).

I didn’t do it alone (although hubby was happy to be at work!) I used a book “The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made”. We sat down together, I didn’t read the book completely, we talked through the pictures and discussed broadly the concepts. Then I left the book with the girls to read in their own time and come and ask us any questions they may have.

I did caution them, that it is a private discussion and not to be shared at school. I told them that not all parents are ready to tell their kids the story.

Reflecting, it’s gone really well for us, not nearly as awkward and embarrassing as I thought it would be. And their questions are genuine. They were ready!

Are your kids ready? How do you think you will tackle it?

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4 thoughts on “That talk…

  1. Ronelle Reply

    ♡ it. I firmly believe we need to introduce to children at the appropriate time and level for them. Opportunities that present in real life are always good times to open a conversation!

    • Emily Reply

      That’s great advice! Using the real life/natural questions to start the conversation, absolutely!

  2. Marlies Wouters Reply

    My oldest one was 8 and asking me questions over and over and his view on the birds and the bees was really lovely( belly buttons can be handy!), but needed to be leveled up. I think kids are ready when they are asking questions. And I told the story honest. I always answer him On his level of understanding and trust me, kids are keen! And indeed.. it is a “grown up” story, sharing with mum and dad is fine but siblings and peers may not be ready to understand and this is for their parents/guardians to tell.

    • Emily Reply

      Yes! It’s important they recognize they really can’t discuss it with their friends as they may not be ready… love the Belly Button reference!!

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