Supporting our kids

Do you feel like you are constantly worrying about your kids?

What is the impact of this move on the kids? From are they settling in at school, to is the school challenging them enough. From are they making any friends, to how will they fit in and so on.

When we get together, expat mums often discuss the challenges with our kids in great detail, but when we get down to the underlying fundamentals, we will agree – our kids are resilient. They will find a way to cope and manage themselves in their new environment.

How they perform, how they socialise, how they behave in school is largely outside of our control. So as expat mums, what can we do?

We can make sure we give the kids an opportunity to connect with the friends they make outside of the school hours. We can ensure we have a strong line of communication with their teacher. We can volunteer in the school, from class mum to PTA there is always an opportunity to get involved, and you will learn a lot about what happens on campus as a result.

Most importantly, we can spend time with them when they get home. Talk to them about their day, and discuss the challenges they faced. Celebrate their successes with them, and find out more about what they do like about their new environment.

Recently I have been focusing on not just what I say to the girls, but how I do it too. Sitting down painting together, they come out with some of the most amazing comments… especially in this situation when we’re not actually ‘talking’! Playing a game together, I will quickly discover if they feel any of their friends cheat at school and I can ask how they handled it.

How do you support your kids? What opportunities can you create in your everyday life to connect with them? Please do take the time to share your thoughts in the comments.

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