Screen time… the ugly word!

Or is it?

I have always been very anti screen time for our girls. We instituted “fun day Friday” in our home when they were just toddlers. While they weren’t allowed screen time during the week, on Friday they could watch something. The girls have never been allowed to “play” on my phone, and they don’t have their own iPad (I hear your gasp!).

At our new school I have been lucky enough to join some workshops with Kim Cofino, and as a result my position on “screen time” has changed. I realised I was limited their technology development, and this was not going to help them in the long term. I now let the girls “work” on the computer after school, when we have the time (ie not on a night when they have dance practice).

Their technology literacy has improved dramatically in a short time. Miss J has her own email account linked to school, she uses it to write stories and poems and share with family around the world. Madam S is actually improving her reading and maths skills with Starfall, Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds. She is also learning basic coding with Scratch Junior! They are both learning to navigate their way around the keyboard, and Typing Club is brilliant to assist this learning. But overall they both love the opportunity!

I’m still a tough mum… there’s a timer for 10 minutes, at which point we review what they have achieved and if they need a little more time. Eg, if Miss J has been working hard on Mathletics, then she can reset the timer for some games such as Dance Typing.

I have seen a change in our girls, and it’s positive – they are enjoying developing their computer literacy.

How do you manage screen time in your home? How do you support your kids learning about technology? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

Ps – Don’t forget to keep your kids safe! Common Sense Media have loads of information about how you can support their safety online.

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