Put on your oxygen mask!

“Put on your oxygen mask before you help others.” 

How many times have you heard this? Of course, every time we fly! At a recent conference Sundae reminded the group how important it is to look after yourself first. 

If you don’t look after yourself, you will literally have nothing left to give your family who really need you during a time of change. Your stress and anxiety is greater during a transition, so getting the basics right are even more important. 

In addition, when we are low on physical and emotional energy, we are more likely to snap. We live on the edge, teetering between being civil with our family and screaming like a mad person. 

Whereas when we are taking good care of ourselves we are more resilient and able to handle the stresses that will happen, and you know when you’re in a period of transition you will be stressed at different points along the way. 

So what does taking care of yourself look like?

Firstly, make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t stay up all hours trying to get the last few things finished that day. You need time to rest, go to bed at a reasonable hour… I’m a nanna, so for me that’s around 9pm!! Stop laughing at me… it’s true, I simply don’t function staying up later.

Do not take your device to bed!!! Turn off your device or put it on silent in another room, excess screen time physically changes the frontal lobe of your brain and impacts your ability to sleep and relax. I literally turn my phone off as soon as hubby gets home from work, there is nothing more distracting when trying to talk to each other than someone busy on their device.

Eat well. This is not hard, but for some reason, as mothers it’s one of the first things we compromise on. From now on, if you’re cutting fruit for the kids, cut some for yourself too. Also, make life easier for yourself, create a meal plan and do your grocery shopping once a week. Here is a meal plan that I use.

Exercise, even it it’s a 15 minute walk. Do it! You need the endorphins. You need fresh air. You need to clear your head. I use the walk home from school drop off as my daily exercise opportunity, I’m home by 8.30am and I still have my day free. 

Make time to catch up with family and friends. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to do everything at the expense of connection (you can read more about how important connection is in my previous post).

So if this sounds good, but your not sure how to start… make a commitment to yourself, you are important and you will make yourself a priority. Don’t let your commitment slip just because your in a state of transition. 

Reflect and consider, what will work for you? What do you want to do? Write down your plan and use a diary to schedule your plan. If you don’t write it down, it won’t happen!

What are your tips for looking after yourself? How do you maintain your self care during a time of transition? Please do share in the comments.

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