Our newest family member

Meet Ebony, our six month old kitten. In Taipei they run a neutering program for street dogs and cats – pet shops don’t sell dogs and cats only supplies as the government is trying to reduce the numbers of dogs and cats in Taipei.

Ebony’s story – her mother was found and taken to a vet as part of this program, and then it was discovered she had kittens. Her two sisters were adopted out quickly, but for some reason Ebony was still in a cage at the vets for over two months. She was fostered with Natasha, a teacher in Taipei who volunteers with the animal shelters, for a week when we confirmed our decision to adopt a kitten. The timing was fate.

It’s been three months since Ebony came home with us and she is now around 7 months old, and our girls just adore her. She had to learn to trust us, and she couldn’t jump after being in a cage for so long (she made up for all that now!). She’s a little skittish, and doesn’t want to be held a lot. But she plays fetch, Miss J tries to race her up and down the apartment, and she just loves to sit beside the girls while they play (or do homework).

I now have an appreciation for the saying “curiosity killed the cat” because she is getting more game every day and trying new things all the time… last week she started running up the wall (no exageration, she gets to my head height!) and yesterday I found her scaling our privacy venetians outside our bathroom. To be fair, I think the neighbours were cooking fish, the aromas were pretty good!

So why did we decide to adopt? Because until our move to Taipei, we have lived in hotels (where my husband works) and this is our first opportunity to be a little more ‘normal’. Also, as parents who grew up with animals and pets ourselves, we understand the value of learning to look after someone/something else. Miss J is particularly responsible when it comes to Ebony, she feeds and cleans her litter tray almost every morning. Madam S is feeds her dinner, and she is also starting to do the litter tray when asked as well. They were both quite afraid when we got her, of being bitten or scratched or just hurting her. But their confidence is definitely growing. The next trick will be they want to take her for ‘show and tell’ at school… I’m not sure I can handle that, let alone Ebony!?!

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