Needing medical care

It’s been a tough week in our household. Madam S suddenly spiked a high grade fever which quickly manifested into bronchitis. Not for the first time, as she’s prone to chest infections (probably a trade off of the heart condition she suffered as a baby), but this was our first time needing medical care in Taipei. Not bad given we have been here 18 months! Probably a reflection on the lifestyle we are able to lead here, lots of great outdoors and generally very clean air.

We have been so fortunate everywhere we have lived that we have found amazing medical professionals.

Dr Salmond in Hong Kong was absolutely lovely, she was a huge support to me during my pregnancy with Miss J… even given me great support via email when we landed in Mumbai just in time to give birth!

Then, in Mumbai we found Dr Sen. A young pediatrician recently returned from working in the UK. He was highly vested in the care of Miss J and would often send emails after appointments to follow up.

Delhi was no different, our pediatrician Dr Gupta came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Even when we went back to visit friends, Miss J got sick and I phoned for advice – she was more than happy to help, even following up to find out about our move. The girls had a some surgeries in Delhi as well, each specialist was excellent and took a real interest in our family not just the surgery they were performing.

Dr Denis in Chongqing is a stalwart in the expat community, and we were so fortunate that his office was in the hotel where we lived. He truly treated the whole patient, not just the issue presented each time we visited.

I feel so privileged to have had the support of these amazing practitioners everywhere we have lived. What was important to me was the complete trust that they invoked. Not only did they know their practice, but they knew our family and understood us implicitly.

This week has been a huge eye opener for me. The first doctor we consulted (again recommended) was clearly only interested in ruling out Influenza (it’s flu season here) and didn’t really seem to take the time to understand Madam S. I’m not even sure she listened to her chest properly! The second doctor a couple of days later (in the same practice) changed the medication, but again didn’t even consult the records of what had already been prescribed.

And don’t get me started on the prescriptions. Most of the medication was self packaged and not labeled, when I googled the drugs listed on the receipt I knew one of them was an opioid, but not which one so I couldn’t leave it out!

I’m not saying that the medical system in Taipei is bad, but I haven’t found the practitioner I trust yet. I’m sure I will, but when you need medical care and you’re not sure you’re getting the care you need, it’s tough. And it makes me reflect and appreciate all over again the wonderful practitioners we have had in our lives with each move we have made.

As I type this Madam S still sounds terrible… she’s laying on the couch reading a book, coughing non stop! It looks like I will be off to get a third opinion!?! Wish me luck!

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