Motherhood is not a competition…

A friend sent this quote to me a few weeks ago, and I have been reflecting on it a lot since then.

Why do we, as mothers, sometimes feel the need to compete?

Why, when our jobs are already so challenging, do we put this extra pressure on ourselves?

I am one of those people who shares… everything! My friends will tell you, I send them recipes, articles, links to websites and apps that I think are great, all the time. Often unsolicited.

I have learned over the past few years, that when we share, we connect and we start to understand each other better. Often, that mum at the school gate that you thought was judging you, is actually just really shy. When you start sharing with her, she opens up and you discover you face the same stresses. Who knows, maybe you will become friends who can support each other. Try it.

Next time you feel your competing in this crazy world of motherhood, stop and reflect, is that what’s really going on?

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