Magic of Christmas

Do you believe in magic? Do your kids believe in magic?

Miss J and Madam S are huge believers, and to be fair, I have always encouraged it. From the tooth fairy to Santa Claus, they believe!

This year, the belief in magic in our home has gone a step further. My dear friend and neighbour gave the girls a fairy door (which was her now teenage daughter’s) and introduced the girls to Amber the house fairy. If the girls write a letter to Amber, then Amber will take the time to write a letter in reply. Yes, I thought, this is awesome… they will practice their writing skills!

I really didn’t think too far ahead. The letters have been fairly frequent in our home. And often I only remember that Amber has to reply after I’ve had a glass or two of vino!?! The next morning, “mummy I think Amber is trying to write cursive because I can’t read it?” Anyhoo…

They diligently worked on their letters for Santa last weekend, which are a lot more about colouring in and drawing pictures for Santa than actually making requests. The letters were then left out for Amber to collect and take to Santa. Amber is a fairy who cares for animals, and she was on her way to check on the reindeer before their big Christmas run!

A couple of years ago, a friend tried to explain to the girls that Santa wasn’t real, it was just the parents. Miss J in particular was incredulous… “mummy, he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I think he might be going crazy!”

I know the reality, that we are in effect lying to our kids, and I know that it is frowned upon by many. But the magic in our home is so special, and when you live so far away from any ‘normal’ or permanency in the home environment, I find it so lovely that we have these beliefs that keep our ‘normal’ going no matter where we are or how we are celebrating our festivals.

How do you keep the magic alive?

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