Just what the ‘doctor’ ordered

The weather in Taipei has been spectacular the past few weeks, and I have been doing my best to make the most of it.

Temple along the riverside

I know the science and why it works, but getting out and walking in the sunshine truly is good for the soul.

Yes, Vitamin D from the sun makes you feel good. And yes, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel great. And absolutely, fresh air is brilliant (having lived in Delhi and China, I have total appreciation for it!). But it’s also the sights you see, the strangers that greet you along the way, and the friends you run into on the street corner.

My riverside walkway

I have a new regime, especially now it’s cooler. My husband usually drops the girls at the school gate on the way to work. But now I go too, I get a bit of social interaction at school as I take them into class and then I get a fantastic walk home along the river (or creek, depending on where you’re from).

And let’s face it, a happy mum = happy kids!

What opportunities can you take to get some outside time? Perhap you can combine it with some exercise? Tell me how you fit it into your day.

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