It’s school holidays… again!

It feels like we only just started the new school year, and already the girls are on mid term break..

Due to hubby’s work commitments we are staying ‘home’ for this holiday, and I have to be honest, my kids love it! They don’t always want to be packing the suitcases and traveling. As much as they both love exploring and experiencing new destinations, they also want time with their toys, with their books, with their crafts. We don’t seem to get a lot of “play time” during the week, and the weekends can easily become jammed packed.

One of our favourite places, Tonghe Park

So I’ve made a list of things we can do – visit our local library (they were so excited when I told them they can take 5 books each!), check out the various playgrounds (still a favourite for my girls), do some treasure hunting on GeoCaching (we are very much novices, but they love it), bake together, DIY crafts and so on.

Does that make me a boring mum? I don’t think so. It gives them a much needed chance to restore their bodies, not having to always be somewhere and staying in their pajamas if they want to – we call it mooching. We can be a bit more flexible about how we do things, for example we ran into some friends on Friday and ended up spending the whole afternoon with them. Also, I feel like it’s my chance to practice my communication skills with the girls (something I have been working on) without external distractions.

How do you manage a holiday at ‘home’? What’s your favourite home activity with your kids? Do your kids like staying home?

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