It’s about overall life satisfaction!

My dear friend and I have been joking a lot lately about our “fabulous life” as expat mums… there is a misconception in others that as expats we lead this amazing life of luxury, lunching and meeting for coffee and not much else.

The truth… is that our day to day reality is far from fabulous and amazing! Especially over the past month before the summer break in Taipei, we were literally dripping with sweat and simultaneously getting drenched with rain almost every day! We usually laugh “there’s a good reason why we do this to ourselves!?!”

One of the first posts I did, linked this article, and I wanted to share it again. 

  • A recent study found that people who relocate to new country tend to have a better sense of self than those who don’t.
  • Living in another country allows people to experience new cultures and beliefs; consequently, they tend to reflect on their own values and cultural background.
  • The research also found that moving abroad can lead to increased satisfaction in life and reduced stress.

So there is a valid (research based) reason to make the move offshore – its not just good experience, its not just cultural awareness, its not just the opportunities that living abroad creates.

It’s for greater overall life satisfaction!

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