It’s about greater life satisfaction!

Some mums and I have been joking a lot over the last couple of weeks about our “fabulous life”… there is a misconception in others that we lead this amazing life, lunching and meeting for coffee and not much else.

The truth… is that our day to day reality is far from fabulous and amazing! Especially at the moment in Taipei, we are literally dripping with sweat and simultaneously getting drenched with rain at almost every school pick up! We usually laugh “there’s a good reason why we are doing this to ourselves!?!”.

Laying in bed this morning I came across this article, and I wanted to share it. “A recent study found that people who relocate to a new country have a better sense of self than those who don’t.”

So there is a valid (research based) reason to make the move offshore – its not just good experience, its not just cultural awareness, its not just the opportunities that living abroad creates. It’s for greater overall life satisfaction!

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21 thoughts on “It’s about greater life satisfaction!

    • EmilyRogers Post authorReply

      Thank you Rowena, given how long you’ve been doing this crazy expat life, I appreciate your sentiment!

    • EmilyRogers Post authorReply

      Thank you Melanie! I love seeing the pic of your kids starting school this year, they’ve really grown x

  1. Livia Hausel Reply

    This is very encouraging to read, especially now that another move is ahead of us. Thanks Emily! 🙂 Keep writing, please! 😉

    • EmilyRogers Post authorReply

      Thank you Livia! Wow, where are you off to next? Please do keep me posted x

  2. Ron McLuckie Reply

    Hi Em – Great thoughts that are absolutely true! I can’t imagine life without the incredible adventures, fun, learning and friendships that we have been blessed with through many years of experience life. Absolutely it’s often not easy & all that makes us more resilient. I reckon expat life is the best education and life experience a kid could ever wish for!

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