Until late September we were a family at the Taipei European School at which time we were relocated to New Zealand. When I read the recent update that TES would remain closed until 25th February, I felt a sense of relief that we weren’t in the region but it was mixed with guilt because Taipei, Chongqing and Hong Kong have all been home to us and they are cities, schools and people that we love.

So I reached out to the leadership team of TES to see if there was anything I could do to support families during this challenging time. As a result of our discussions I have prepared a three part video series to support parents who are now home schooling their kids. These are short videos (less than 10 minutes each) talking about some of the challenges people are facing and how to best deal with them. You don’t have to watch all three, you can just watch what applies to you and hopefully there is something in here that you find helpful.

If you have questions, want to talk to someone or have suggestions for further topics please do feel free to reach out to me emily@expatparentingabroad.com or WhatsApp +64 21 080 54 090. And remember your teacher, section head and the leadership team of the school are here to support you.

Video 1 – Setting yourself up for an easier week of home schooling.

Here’s an example meal planner with recipes (click on the image to find the recipe).

Video 2 – Dealing with the frustrations for you and your kids.

Video 3 – Keeping it engaging for your kids.

Extra ideas for keeping your kids engaged.