Finding Your Tribe

Do you feel lonely and isolated?

One of the hardest things about living abroad is trying to make new friends, while often pining for what your ‘old’ friends are up to back home.

So how do you make friends?

  • Firstly you need to open yourself up. It can be as simple as smiling at someone as they walk past you. Greeting people when you see a familiar face, even if you don’t know their name – you can sort details out later!
  • Join groups to help you find people with common interests – from sporting to community groups, from getting involved in the school community to supporting your local orphanage, perhaps at your local church. You need to make connections.
  • Turn up to everything you are invited to (initially).

Once you have met people, then you need to start being a little selective.

  • Consider if they have positive or negative things to say about your new ‘home’. If they are always highlighting the negative aspects, then they are probably not someone you want to be spending time with.
  • If they are upbeat, and have a good energy, then find ways to spend more time with them. Ask questions about their experience. Ask about their family. It won’t take long before you are ‘old’ friends, expats tend to skip the true get to know you phase, and when you need it they will be there for you.

It is daunting making new friends, especially if you are a little introverted as well. But it is so important to connect with others and find your tribe, these people will be the lifesaver you need when things do get tough.

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