Finding Purpose

So what is purpose? Your purpose is your motivation, the reasons you get up in the morning.

Your purpose can guide the decisions you make, influence your behaviour and create meaning. For some it is ‘work’. For others it is the responsibilities we have to family or friends. Some may find purpose in religion or spirituality.

Your purpose is unique to you. What you identify with as your path, and it may be very different from your friends.

What’s important to understand, is that your purpose can shift and change throughout life, especially with a big change such as a new expat assignment.

Do you find yourself asking, so what do I do now? Then you are probably finding your purpose.  How do we find purpose? By understanding our likes, dislikes, interests and passions.

Once we have clarity on these, we can then start to shape it into something we can take action on. The options are endless… learning new skills, retraining, volunteering, being a mum/spouse and so on.

I realised on reflection, 12 months ago I had lost myself, I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t satisfied either. I have been almost full time occupied in each location we have lived, but I made a decision in moving to Taipei to do it differently. So I said “no” to the normal things I get sucked into. And I started searching. The result is this business, and I am fulfilling my passion of helping others.

If you are looking for what’s next, start by asking yourself what are my interests, passions, where do I want to make an impact?

Once you have your passion identified you can then start looking for ‘how’ to do something in that space.

When you are ready, allocate time and invest a little in yourself. It is an exciting journey, and you just never know where it might take you 🙂

Are you living your life on purpose? Please share in the comments where you are at, I would love to hear from you.

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