Everything will be ok!

How often to you hear those words, everything will be OK… Or as my mum often says, “this too shall pass”… When people say this, they’re not trying to annoy you, they get you.

The thing about living abroad is that it’s not easy. You have to find where to get groceries. You have to try and figure out getting a phone/sim card. You have to try and navigate your way through the banking process. The list is endless.

It’s not easy, but be assured others are experiencing the same thing. Naturally you want to unload on your family and friends back home, they know you and it’s ‘safe’ to talk to them. But often, they don’t understand what you’re going through. You need to rely on people like you, other people moving abroad, other people in your new location.

Find that one person, or if you’re lucky that group of people, who are in the same situation as you. They get you. They understand your frustrations. And sometimes you just have to have a big grump, and then let it go.

Because I can assure you, you will settle in. Everything seems difficult, but it will be OK. This too shall pass, and become a distant memory. Time will fly, and you will forget all about this moment in time. Or you will reflect and laugh about it!

What challenges are your facing today? Who have you relied on for support? Is it working for you? What can you do differently?

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