Do you need to make a change in your life?

Life is always filled with complications. As mums (and dads) we work hard to create a foundation, we just started to get everything on track and then we get side swiped. It doesn’t take much to throw us off, but it does happen. These little ‘resets’ are common place, especially in expat life. 

But then there are those moments when something big happens. Something completely independent of our family life comes along and throws all our plans for the future, our priorities for our children, and our focus high into the air.

These recent times have had this effect on many of us. From not being able to visit with family as planned, to having everyone at home for lock down. From not knowing how our industry will be impacted over the coming months, to celebrating birthdays in isolation. The outbreak of this virus has thrown our lives up high, and for some of us, way off course. 

In between meeting everyone’s emotional needs, feeling guilty for not keeping up, constantly switching roles throughout the day, managing your child’s online learning needs, to prioritising everyone else while your own work accumulates… have you had a moment to reflect? To think about how all of this is affecting you? How it is affecting your family?

I was chatting with a dear friend on Saturday morning, and we were musing on our children being the COVID Generation, wondering how this was going to shape them as adults. 

How do you want your children to remember this experience? Certainly not as a time where voices were raised, and tempers were short. Where uncertainty was a constant and just getting through the day felt overwhelming. 

Perhaps you’ve got a niggling feeling that you should be making a change, that you should be doing something different, but you have no idea where to start. 

Perhaps you recognise that you need to starting thinking about your new normal. What is life going to look like going forward?

With a bit of research, I have developed a simple test that you can take right now “10 Signs You Need to Change Your Life and Create a New Normal” to see if the time is right for you to make a change and create your new normal.

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