Creating Food Experiences

Do you worry about providing good quality, healthy food for your family?

Living in new countries, and trying to ensure our family is eating well, is a massive undertaking as an expat mum.

One of the first things you need to do when arriving in a new location, is find out from local community groups the best places to source groceries. In some locations, this is not too difficult, there is a large hypermart that stocks most products you need. But in some locations, this can be a real challenge and the cause of huge amounts of stress.

In Mumbai, it was through the mums network that I learned the best place to source your meat products was from the local Muslim butcher. In Delhi, I learned that the fruit and veg cart wallahs often have the freshest produce, and once you build a relationship they will source specific items for you too.

Most important is to practice good food safety and wash everything. Sometimes this even means washing your chicken breasts before storing them!

Try not to get too caught up on not being able to find your favourite brand of something. You will settle much faster if you can work with what you have available locally. Keep those favourite items as a ‘treat’ when you go home for holidays.

Do try to take the time to learn about the new produce that’s available to you. Ask a local to join you in the market to explain the various items to you. They may even have some fantastic cooking tips for you!

Food experiences are often the memories that stay with us for a long time, this is a great opportunity to create new food experiences for your family. Memories that they will cherish, if not laugh at on occasion!

I have learned not focusing so much on what I can get, but on the memories am I creating with it. How do you create new food experiences for your family? Please do take the time to share your thoughts in the comments.

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