Testimonial from Helen, expat mum in Taipei

“Since starting one-to-one executive coaching with Emily Rogers one year ago, my confidence and clarity has crystallised.  

I have moved from not being able to articulate what I want, to now saying what I want (without a stutter) and advocating for it.
My work with Emily has taught me to carve out time for self-reflection, question self-limiting beliefs, clarify my personal goals, and practise the habit-forming behaviours that will help me reach my goals.
It’s not uncommon for women to get stuck mid-career.  The confidential coaching has been exactly what I’ve needed to push through.
While I still have a way to go, the path is becoming clearer.”

Susan Moore, Australian Public Servant
May 2020

Support Group Testimonials

“The support group is about helping each other to settle in and cope with this new life. The group helps to make it more relaxing and less challenging. We have the opportunity to share our experience, and laugh about it! It’s more hands-on and positive than I thought before starting, I was surprised!” An Expat Mum

“Before starting with the support group I was worried about arriving in a new country, supporting and sorting my family needs, making new friends, and finding time and things for me. The support group gave me focus and time along with the resources to help me”. Emma Unsworth

“My biggest concern was helping my daughter transition. The support group was very helpful and provided me the opportunity to talk about it in a non judging atmosphere. The resources provided were great. And I found other mums who were having similar issues.” Helen Murphy

“I was struggling with feeling settled. The support group provided friendship, and helped me to know my problems were not unique.” Jessica Wang Simula

“The support group is a great way to meet people from your own tribe, connect and help one another. It provides a better start to expat life and even when this expat life has already started, you can learn so much from the group!” Marlies Wouters

“The support group is very helpful if you’ve just arrived in a new place and are wondering how to connect with people. The issues discussed broaden the usual conversation topics, so you’ll get more in depth feedback too.” An Expat Mum

“A great supportive group of mums with a friendly facilitator brimming with helpful resources.” An Expat Mum

“I was stressed about my kids, I was constantly worried about their school lives and their well being. The support group helped me to drop the guilty feelings, I know I am not the only one with this concern and I can trust that it will all be alright in the end. The fact that I could ask someone was nice, especially because people have kids in the same age groups.” An Expat Mum

“The support group is a great way to make friends and also make a successful transition to a new culture” An Expat Mum

“I was dubious about joining the group, I couldn’t see what it would provide that I couldn’t find myself. But I have been surprised, and now I look forward to the Coffee Call each week!” An Expat Mum

“Some great resources and ideas shared! Generally recognising that there are many opportunities to make positive changes in our life.” An Expat Mum

“I was exhausted! In the group I have learned to focus more on myself. We have so much in common. We can help each other and I have someone to talk to. I am more relaxed and happier now, and that makes my kids happier too!” An Expat Mum

“My situation when starting was very stressful, and my headspace was a mess. Now I am in a much better headspace, and the resources have helped with that.” An Expat Mum

“I felt like I was in a ball pit, all the balls were in the air and I just had to grab what I could. With the group, I realise you have to give yourself time to settle and prioritise. Recognise that you can change some things, but some is outside your realm and you have to let it go.” An Expat Mum

“Before starting with the support group I didn’t know what to expect, I had a fear of doing something bad to my children. And I was panicking about not having a purpose. The support group provided me with reflection, I know that I can always ask anything, and I have found my purpose!” An Expat Mum