Stop wasting time and energy trying to do this on your own, join us for this special experience, and most importantly have some fun along the way. 


If you truly want more from your life, this is your time to show up

Are you ready for something more in your life?


Join this unique group of women from different backgrounds coming together to learn, challenge and support each other.


If you’re ready for change, become a member and join the weekly live calls which not only provide learning opportunities, outlining the topic and activity for the day, but in addition will support your focus and energy to ensure you get great results! 


As a result of the “Let’s Do This!” Virtual Challenge, you will not only have clarity on your dreams and goals, but you will have a detailed action plan for achieving these which is totally unique to you.


“Let’s Do This!” and start now to create your new life!

During this workshop you will:

  • Work on specific activities each week that will support your self discovery
  • Learn what you want, realise your dreams, and understand your passions
  • Have fun with a unique group of women
  • Develop a personalised and detailed action plan that will support you in achieving your goals
  • Regain confidence in yourself and what you can do

Stop putting your life on hold.
Stop letting your dreams fade away.
Start refocusing your time and energy.

This year has changed our priorities and perspectives more than ever, as a result of so much reflection you have realised you’re ready for more in your life.

You’ve had dreams in the past, but your family needed you and you didn’t pursue them.

This is your time to turn your life around, turn the challenges of this year into great opportunities for yourself.

And this is exactly what this Virtual Challenge is designed to help you with!

At the end of this virtual challenge you will have a personalised action plan

This is not a virtual challenge that you will watch from the side lines.


You will be working on YOU and YOUR LIFE:

  • You will be rediscovering your dreams and aspirations
  • You will be identifying your skills and strengths
  • You will know what setbacks and roadblocks are likely and plan for them
  • You will know how to move out of your comfort zone and create change in your life
  • You will be able to learn from other women’s examples and their feedback
  • You will receive personal feedback from me
  • You will need to have worked through the ROADMAP prior to starting
  • You will need to have a notebook and pen ready

Virtual Challenge, September 2020

"Let's Do This!"

September 2020

LIVE Calls Every Tuesday for the month of September, 10.30am NZST (40 Minutes)

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th September


Private Facebook Group (recorded calls will be available here)


Reflect * Learn * Brainstorm

If you were to work with me one on one the total value of this challenge would be NZ$690 (approx US$450)

Optional extra

If you would like a follow up one on one coaching session for 45 minutes at the end of the challenge.

This is a great opportunity to work through your specific challenges with privacy and individual attention.

It will also provide us with an opportunity to review your action plan and ensure it is right for your goals.

You can add this for a special price of only NZ$50.

You might know that you want more in your life, but you’ve been putting off thinking about it because you’ve been too busy, because you’ve been home schooling the kids, or because you simply don’t know where to start. 

This is your opportunity to:

  • Finally gain greater satisfaction from your life
  • Make sure you take action now and not wait for the ‘right time’ which never comes
  • Save your time and energy trying to do this alone
  • Stop wasting your idle dreams and create your new life

Imagine starting the following month with great clarity, knowing exactly what you want, feeling inspired and empowered, and excited to create your new life!

Hi, I am Emily Rogers


I am a coach for expat mums just like you. I have lived the expat life for over 20 years and both my daughters were born in India. 


My career was in Human Resources and with this challenge and coaching session, I am combining my professional and personal experience to support you through these uncertain times. 


I am passionate about supporting you to be the best version of yourself and finally realising your dreams and aspirations. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity to work with you and this amazing group of women, together we’ve got this!


Most frequent questions and answers

The virtual challenge takes place on Zoom and a private Facebook group. There are 5 LIVE calls, every Tuesday in September at 6.30am NZST each day with each call 40 minutes long. All of the sessions are recorded and will be available in the Facebook group so you can watch them later. The private Facebook Group will be open for 2 weeks.

The sessions are live on Zoom and all start with input from Emily, then there is time for you to reflect and brainstorm with the group, all sessions will end with final questions and answers.

All the sessions will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook Group. You will be able to ask your questions inside the Facebook group.

This challenge is designed for you to work through activities which will help you gain clarity. However it is a prerequisite that you have completed the ROADMAP prior to the virtual challenge.

You will receive instead two individual coaching sessions of 45 minutes each with me instead.

This offer is a one time only deal, there will be no refunds possible.