When you’re bound to this country, but not by choice

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Katie Hessey through social media, and we started chatting about the support women need when they are unable to take their kids out of the country.

This week Katie is sharing her research on this topic, with her introduction below. If you want more information on this topic or if you want support for yourself, you can reach out to Katie, katiehessey@hotmail.com or contact Globalarrk.

Over the last few weeks, I’m sure we’ve all had moments of feeling trapped, especially if we had plans to travel or even relocate.

Now imagine that feeling lasting years.

I take part in a group of mothers in 35 countries, who’s children are all bound to the country they’re in, due to custody arrangements.

When I mentioned Emily’s work to the group, they asked me if she could spread the word to her audience.

I love an opportunity to be useful!

So, I put together this short video as my way of approaching a subject very close to my heart, which is hard to talk about, but which I have in common with hundreds if not thousands of women around the world.

Katie Hessey

Here is another great resource from Amel Derragui at Tandem Nomads, The Elephant in the Room, Expat Divorce.

Nobody likes to talk of the possibility of divorce whether being happily married or not, and even less when living abroad and being a “dependent spouse”!

But here is the thing; most of us have a car, home or life insurance. Does it mean that we expect or want to have a major car accident, a home burning down or a family member passing away?

If we get insured for these dramatic and unpredictable life incidents, why wouldn’t we at least get informed about our rights and obligations in case of divorce , especially when having kids and living abroad?

You will discover in this article, that the expression “better safe than sorry” does really apply to this situation! 

Amel Derragui, Tandem Nomads
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