Are you using your skills?

As an expat, you already have the skills you need to thrive in a crisis, are you using them?

So many of us take the skills we use in expat life as a given, not necessarily for granted, but we know we have to work hard to get even the most mundane tasks done. We know we have to do it, largely on our own. And we know we can’t rely on anyone else but ourselves. 

But have you taken the time to stop and think about it in the context of a skill set? 

Firstly, we are resilient. This is not a skill that everyone has, but it’s one that we use everyday as an expat. Like water off a duck’s back, as an expat we can let stuff just roll past us and not get too bothered by it.

We are very accustomed to change and uncertainty. Perhaps not always on the scale we are currently experiencing, but change is a constant in expat life. We navigate it every day on a basic level, such as in trying to get groceries and supply being inconsistent. But bigger changes such as how long we stay, where we go next, it is often unknown and it changes sometimes very quickly. But frankly, we are fine living in this context of uncertainty.

We often navigate unusual situations without even stopping to think of it as unusual. I have lived through a couple of runs on toilet paper now and each time for very different reasons, but we just have a laugh, carry on, and celebrate when we can easily buy toilet paper again. Who knew!?!

In expat life we are very savvy with social media, the virtual hug is our norm and to borrow a phrase from Sundae Bean, “we love the crap out of our people” to ensure we don’t live with regret. So sending love from afar is OK for us. We are used to having a FaceTime connection to celebrate on special days. 

Feeling alone and isolated, well that happens almost every time we move to a new city/country. We know how to work through these feelings, and we know that the feeling will pass too. 

We are often parenting on our own, and we use our routines and set clear expectations to ensure our kids know what to expect and as a result they respect us and our decisions. We foster and develop this respect because we know how to communicate with our kids, we know how to share our emotions, and help guide them through their own emotions. 

Navigating medical systems, health insurance and being self sufficient with the basics of everyday medical needs is a given. We wouldn’t survive without this skill.

And at the end of the day, we know that everything will be OK, that it will all work out. If it’s not OK, then it’s just not the end yet. 

Are you using your full skill set? Are you ready to thrive in a crisis?

Perhaps you’re not using your skills to your full potential? Perhaps you want to sharpen some of your set of ‘tools’ so to speak?

My workshop “4 Steps to Regain Calm and Control During Times of Uncertainty” will support you in putting your innate skills into practice, ensuring you thrive again!

This is a new workshop designed especially for these times, and is made up of 4 pre recorded units, and a one on one coaching session to ensure you are focusing on the right areas for you and your family. 

In addition, you will receive a workbook to support you through each step. And, two weeks of direct access to me via WhatsApp for support and questions. 

As a result, you will have a customised action plan that is unique to you and your family. You will know the exact skills you have and will use them to take the steps you need to take, to manage through this uncertain time, and be clear about the actions you will take. 

If you were to work through each of these key areas with me in one on one coaching sessions, the full price value of this workshop would be NZ$600

The time for you to reclaim your life is right now! With this package, for just NZ$149 (or US$90) you get:

  1. a customised action plan
  2. access to recorded units to work through at your own pace
  3. two weeks of WhatsApp support and messaging
  4. a personal workbook
  5. and a 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with an expert coach

Imagine starting next week with great clarity of your skill set and how you are going to use it to thrive during this crisis! Take the first step, start now

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