Emily Rogers, coach for mums

Raised in rural South Australia, I have been living overseas for 20 years. I met my husband in New Zealand and his role has taken us to Hong Kong, Mumbai (where our first daughter was born), Delhi (where our second daughter was born), Chongqing, Taipei and now Auckland.

With each transition I have experienced different things, always embracing my new host home and the amazing people we have met in each location. I am fortunate to call so many of my close friends, my ‘other family’, my sisterhood.

Professionally, my career started in hotels before I moved into Human Resources where I held senior leadership roles. While living abroad I have volunteered in a variety of ways from to leading expat networking organisations to serving on school council.

Expat Parenting Abroad was founded out of the passion I have for connecting people and supporting others to be the best version of themselves.

I invite you to connect with me to learn more about Expat Parenting Abroad and the various ways I can support you.

Contact Details – emily@expatparentingabroad.com or +64 21 080 54090

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