Emily Rogers, founder of Expat Parenting Abroad

Raised in rural South Australia, I have been living overseas for 20 years. I met my husband in New Zealand while working in hotels. His role has taken us to Hong Kong, Mumbai (where our first daughter was born), Delhi (where our second daughter was born), Chongqing and now Taipei.

With each transition I have experienced different things, always embracing my new host home and the amazing people we have met in each location. I am fortunate to call so many of my close friends, my ‘other family’.

Professionally, my career started in hotels before I moved into Human Resources with my last full time role being HR Manager for Greater China in a professional services firm. Since having our daughters I have been involved in leadership and capability development, and I am a Senior Action Learning Coach with the World Institute for Action Learning.

I have always volunteered in each of our locations, from making jam and chutney to raise money for children’s charities, to leading expat networking organisations. From running playgroups for local and expat children to providing pro bono leadership consulting with NGOs. More recently, in Chongqing I redeveloped the Parent Organisation at the international school and now we are in Taipei I am serving on the school council.

My passion is about bringing people together and sharing the ‘load’ that we often try to carry on our own. Especially in this crazy expat life, connection is vital for us to be successful. As a parent, expat life can be very isolating, and this is often the case if you are moving for the first time with kids. 

Expat Parenting Abroad is about helping you to feel connected during the difficult first few months of moving abroad for the first time. With the Support Group for Mums Abroad you will discover how small changes can win BIG results. You will receive resources direct to you in WhatsApp that will save you time and help you to enjoy more.  Each week we have a virtual Coffee Call where you can seek and share advice, providing you a connection to a community of mums just like you.

I invite you to connect with me and learn more about Expat Parenting Abroad and the Support Group for Mums Abroad.

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