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You might remember in April I talked about making some changes here at EPA. I outlined the variety of reasons for the upcoming changes, but key was my desire to serve you better. 

Well behind the scenes I have been throwing all my energy and creativity at making these changes a reality. I feel that as a result of this time and effort (and loads of research), I have a better sense of your needs and how I can serve you.

Hopefully you have already noticed the first big change… I have completely revamped my website and social media presence. I have stopped sharing pretty flowers. For now anyway!?! LOL! Some of you have already given me your feedback, and I am truly grateful. But if you have time, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

In response to COVID 19, various levels of lockdown and the subsequent global and economic uncertainty I have developed a 4 module on demand workshop “4 Steps to Regain Calm and Control During Uncertainty” If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you just want to take back control of your life, this workshop is a great place for you to start. 

But, my work here is not done, there is one more slightly substantial change I am working on. For a long time now I have been noticing a trend in the mums I’m working with, but I wanted to get more information, so earlier this year I asked you what is your biggest challenge? And the responses I got were really interesting, and rather consistent.

As women, we want more yet we don’t acknowledge it and we struggle to put words to it. So I’ve been doing loads more research and who knew, this niggling feeling we’ve been talking about is an actual thing, some people call it the Second Act! 

I’m not sure about the Second Act, but I do know that I want to support you in this space. I want to see you acknowledge your own dreams and aspirations, and stop letting them fade away. I’ve started to develop some really exciting tools and resources, but I’m not quite ready to share them yet… Before I do, I want to talk to you in a little detail. I want to chat about your experience in this space and make sure I’m not skipping over something. 

So, this week I am asking for your help. You can complete a survey or you can connect with me on a call. But I really do want your input before I finalise these new tools and resources. 

A huge thank you in advance for all your help and support, I feel so honoured to be serving such an awesome group of women!

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